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First Print It provides total printing and binding solutions by managing the whole production process from pre-press, press, post press to finishing and packaging.

High Volume Printing

Web Off-Set

Web offset printing is a continuous form of printing on a roll of paper where pages are separated and cut to size after they have been printed. It is suitable for high volume publications such as mass-market newspapers, books, catalogues, retail pamphlets etc.

Sheet Fed

Sheet-fed printing is a method in which individual pages of paper can be fed into the machine for printing. It is suitable for medium-sized fixed printing jobs such as magazines, a few thousand books, colourful pamphlets, leaflets, etc..


Digital Printing

Digital printing refers to a method of printing from a digital based image and it can print on a variety of media or paper. The advantage is that it can print from a single copy to a few hundred within a short time and can offer high gloss and colourful printing. This includes promotional printing such as; newsletters, cards, calendars, posters, brochures, reports, etc.

Finishing and Binding

Finishing and Binding refers to customization of a printing job to give it a desired look and touch for preferences of each customer. Printing may be the same process for everyone, but it's a personalized service and what makes the difference is finishing method applied. This includes; Shaping, UV coating, Lamination, Foiling, etc.